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Kamu - englanninkielinen päiväkoti Helsingissä ja pääkaupunkiseudulla

We all know what days can be like when parents work demanding jobs, while raising kids at the same time. We know what it’s like when parents want the best possible childhood for their kids, but without foregoing their own career prospects. When life is exciting, fast-paced and – at times – tiring, it helps to have the right support. This is why we founded Kamu.
We believe that we can be a genuine partner in a family’s life, supporting each family member in a distinct way. We strive to help give children the best possible foundation for their future as well as for parents to be able to have a mutually-enriching experience of raising their kids and working demanding jobs. 

Kamu Early Education is founded by an early education teacher, two psychologists, a physiotherapist, and a lawyer. We want to offer the best possible early education for children, in addition to helping companies in their efforts to bring the very best talent to Finland.

You asked for it - you got it!

The idea for Kamu arose out of a desire to help Finland and Finnish companies. Companies are increasingly bringing up the difficulty to recruit international experts from abroad. One often-mentioned reason for this is the lack of English early education and other services for families. We believe that Kamu can help solve this recruiting problem by providing high-quality early education that emphasizes skills needed for the future. This is also why we founded Kamu. Relocating for work should not need to lead to sacrifices or loneliness, but instead to a balanced and happy life as a part of a community. We work with businesses to support the wellbeing of employees raising small children.




Kamu's strengths

In line with contemporary strength based pedagogy, everybody possesses distinct strengths. We have identified five key strengths that have been integral in the creation of Kamu.

It requires being brave to take a leap into the unknown and create something new and useful. Everybody at Kamu has the tendency to become enthusiastic by even the craziest ideas of others. This has created an open and accepting atmosphere, and also helped getting the Kamu concept off the ground. We are curious and want to continue learning. We care about all of our clients: the children, parents, as well as companies. Kamu's compassion and eagerness to help has been the starting point for all of our services. At times along the way, we have needed persistence to stay at it and come up with new resolutions.

These strengths form a solid foundation for Kamu's services!


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