For companies, cooperation with Kamu begins with booking a daycare spot. Contact us to ensure that your employees children will have a quality daycare in English at Kamu.

After booking the daycare spot, we will be in contact with the family, to get acquainted. This preliminary communication helps the employee and their entire family to prepare for their new phase in life.

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Kamu for companies:

Help in recruiting international employees

Assistance by arranging daycare for non-Finnish employees

Support in adjusting to Finland

A flexible partner in combining work and family life

Kamu is your company’s partner concerning the wellbeing of those of your employees with small children. We strive to ensure that parents are able to experience work and family life as mutually enriching. This helps employees to stay committed to their work, which, in turn, increases productivity. The innovative and flexible culture of Kamu Early Education combines an understanding of the needs of the corporate world with high-quality early education.

One of the main factors influencing decisions about relocating is the expected happiness and wellbeing in the foreign country. We work to ensure that Kamu families adjust well by, e.g., facilitating networking with other families, communicating possible activities as well as helping families in various questions in managing daily life and raising kids.

Kamu helps companies in their recruiting by providing information about Finnish early education as well as about daily routines at Kamu. Our partner companies will receive a package of material to forward to employees and their families that consider relocating to Finland. We are also happy to be in touch with the family already before they have arrived in Finland and welcome the entire family to Kamu.

The main language at Kamu is English.

Becoming part of the Kamu Community

Think ahead and book daycare spots for your employees' kids at Kamu!